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A ROSA Stella docked in Lyon, France, to begin a three-day trip to the Rhone-Saone in the South of France. After a trip on the Rhone and the Sa a river in southern France we visited Arles in France for the first time.

The route started in Lyon and then went north to Saone (Chalon sur saone) before going from Lyon to Arles. Some other destinations on the Sa one are Macon and Beaune, while river ships visit cities such as Lyon. Interestingly, the ship also crossed the city of Lyon on its way back to the Rhone. The newer and more popular attraction is the New Orleans-style restaurants, with their ever-changing and changing "New Orleans-style" menus.

You can also explore the restaurants of the Parisian hotels on your own. These affordable hotels can help you boost your dollars further, with seasonal outdoor pools, private balconies and even a private beach.

You can go to Lyon, where the son's house comes from, or you can visit the famous Chateau de Saint-Denis, which bears the name of one of Lyon's most famous restaurants, Son de Lyon. The day also includes the re-boarding of the ship for today's farewell reception, followed by the return of the MS Emerald to Lyon. Lyon is famous for its famous castles, Les Champs-Elysees, the Saint Denis Hotel and the Grand Hotel.

The young Tennesse Williams was inspired by the lifestyle and characters here and the place is authentically decorated with art and artifacts from the delta. The Grammy Museum of Mississippi is the oldest museum in the United States and one of the oldest music museums in the world. Spanish moss - dripping wet, breathtaking views of wildlife and beautiful gardens are also an experience while fishing in the delta. Less than an hour away is Indianola, Mississippi, where you will find the Mississippi Delta Museum, a museum of art, music and history with an emphasis on the history of Mississippi.

Scenes like this are not uncommon on bike rides through the French countryside, and you can visit a variety of vineyards while riding A - ROSA and Stella along the Rhone and Saone in southern France. Enjoy the beautiful views of the wine-growing regions of France and the natural beauty of this beautiful country. Cruise on the Rhone, Sa one and rivers in the South of France on the A-OSA or Stella and enjoy the breathtaking views from the top of one of these beautiful mountain peaks.

Public transport to and from Lyon is very easy if you are in the city of Lyon, Presqu'en or the surrounding area of Saint-Etienne.

The Rhone Cruise in combination with the Seine is a good choice for travelers who love river cruises and have time and budget. The route lasts 3 - 6 days and offers you the opportunity to take a short river cruise. You won't cross the entire river, but if you just want to try river cruises or take a short trip to an area of France, the mini-cruise from A - ROSA CroisiEurope may be a good option for you. Depending on the direction of the routes, you can also reverse so that you do not have to drive the whole river.

Avalon Waterways is the only company to offer a package that combines a cruise on the Seine with a cruise on the Rhone or Saone. Some companies offer packages that combine a Rhine cruise with a cruise on the Rhone and Saon rivers. Viking River Cruises offers a variety of routes from the Cote d'Azur to the Mediterranean and Atlantic. Avalon Waterway is one of the few companies offering a short cruise from Paris to the Azur and a two-day trip from Marseille to the Azur on the "Cote d'azur" route.

Other trips include transport from Paris to Chalon - sur - Saone on the "Côte d'Azur" route and a two-day trip from Marseille to the Azur on a Rhone or Saon cruise.

At Charles de Gaulle station you can take advantage of the InterContinental Paris and Le Grand Hotel, which allows you to take a two-day trip from Paris to Chalon - sur - Saone on the Cote d'Azur route. This includes an overnight stay in a hotel and a trip to the Champs-Elysees and the Riviera.

After a briefing and reception, you will be on board the MS Emerald and have your first meal, before meeting some other guests at the Rose de Lyon Hotel. During our stay in Lyon we will embark on a Rhone river cruise on board the MS Emerald (Click on the picture below and I will upload pictures here if you visit in July). France has a way of discovering that your adventure is just beginning, and although we didn't make it to the Lyon amphitheatre during our 24-hour journey, I expect to experience it this summer.

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More About Lyon