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Dozens of artists and artisans gathered Saturday at the Mississippi State Fairgrounds in Jackson, setting up stalls outside the capital's building for a day of art, food, music and fun. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest for the latest news, photos and more.

Enjoy a free cup of coffee while browsing the shops or browsing the calendar for a list of pop-up grocers. Shoppers will receive a small shop pass and win prizes by having their passports stamped at shops in the area.

For more information and memories of this time, please visit the photo gallery on the Facebook page of the Historical Society of the Lyon District.

The Grammy Museum of Mississippi is just a short drive from Lyon, Mississippi, and Indianola Mississippi is less than an hour away. Chocolate lovers can visit Lyon to see one of the world's most famous chocolatiers, Chocolates of Lyon.

In the 1950s and 1960s, the store advertised as Ruth Gallin Exclusives and showed Ms.

The president of the rue Edouard Herriott, who was guided from Place Bellecour, was one of the best and acted as if the name was well known in France. In fourth place was a delicatessen specialising in French specialities, such as the famous Chateau de Saint-Germain-sur-Riviere. It was the largest and most famous of its kind in Paris at the time, and it hosted a wide range of delicacies, from cheeses and pastries to wines and spirits and fine wines.

The bookstore offers a relaxing place to pick up a new book, buy a gift, greeting card or stationery, or buy clothes. The centre is open from Monday to Saturday, and on the ground floor there is also a café and café, as well as a bakery, café and restaurant.

There are a number of shops that cater to just about every interest, and you can usually find them in the centre of the city.

They offer original art and unique things about Clarksdale and are a popular stop for visitors. A newer popular attraction is Ramon's, one of the city's most popular restaurants, if any, with its ever-changing New Orleans-style menu. It has the revered Delta take on hot tamales, but there are plenty of other southern food choices as well. The Ground Zero Blues Club restaurant specialises in non-blues food, such as chicken wings, chicken and waffles, hot dogs, biscuits and gravy and more. Steeped in Italian flair and Clarksville's tradition, Ramons offers a wide range of food and drink, all for sale.

You can drive to Lyon, where the son's house came from, or you can pass Malise's Shop, the first of its kind in the state, which was the result of a partnership between a woman from the region and her husband. The founder was Edith Norton Menifee, and in 1957 there was a possibly related "Malise Shop" that appeared in the town directory at 1412 Willow Ave. It was a ladies "shop named after a popular Swedish singer and was located on 4th Street in 1915. The business directory lists the name of the business as "Simmonds & Simmonds" and the owner as Mr. Robert Simmond.

Kaufman Straus & Co. had its first store in Lyon in 1901, and opened a branch on 4th Street, corner of 3rd Ave. Bacon's eventually had at least seven stores in Louisville / Jefferson County, including one at 6th Ave and 3rd Street, and reopened downtown at 4 Fourth Street and the Galleria.

Other Rodes locations include the Oxmoor Mall in St. Matthews, which closed in 2003, and a Galleria branch in Lyon, as well as two locations in Louisville.

The shopping centre has long been well preserved and offers a modern, fresh aesthetic that makes shopping here a pleasure. From the kid-approved Chuck E. Cheese to the high-end department stores, this is probably not a place to go empty handed. Make sure you buy a coupon book before you buy, it costs $5 and you can save a ton on your favorite brands.

Pull out a stool at Hopeless Case Bar and Hambone Gallery and talk to the owners of Stan Street about the store's history, its history as a tourist destination and its current state. Mileski was living in Suitland, Maryland, when a mall in Prince George's County reported that a man with a microphone approached a young girl. Authorities learned that she had been interviewed for the job six days before the Lyon sisters disappeared. Before her disappearance, police said, she was employed as an assistant in a department store in the same mall as the girls.

The Mississippi Department of Corrections (MDOC) has repeatedly declined to visit the restitution center or discuss it with state officials. She arrived on her first day of work as an assistant at the Mississippi State Correctional Institution in Jackson, waiting more than a year before being arrested in front of the barbed wire - window - barred windows of the state's largest correctional facility.

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More About Lyon