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It's 3 p.m. on a Monday, and students flock to the Delta Blues Arts Education Program. A group of students from Mississippi State University's College of Arts and Sciences spent a week in the Mississippi Delta looking for a home for the blues.

Join us as we celebrate the Mississippi Music Path with its latest landmark and become part of the first Mississippi Blues Arts Education Program - ever. Learn more about the state's contributions to American music and gain a deeper understanding of its deep roots that continue to thrive in Mississippi through a self-guided path available as an app on iTunes and Android. A printed map of Mississippi's music history and information about the Delta Blues Art Education Program can be found at our Mississippi Welcome Center.

Below is everything you need to know about lodging and attractions in Clarksdale and throughout the blues - soaked Mississippi Delta. Tupelo is best known for being the home of Elvis, but the best music is found here, and Mississippi is mainly associated with these acts. Mississippi - This year's Mississippi Blues Music Path headliners include Willie Nelson, John Prine, Dixie Chicks, the Mississippi Rhythm and Blues Band and more.

Mississippi - Country music is shaped by Mississippi - born artists like Hank Williams Jr. and Randy Rogers. They are known for making their mark on country music with their country rock and country blues as well as bluesy country pop.

Tchula is located on the Mississippi-Gulf of Mexico border in the state of Mississippi. The blues markers, which are patterned after the shields of Hank Williams Jr. and Randy Rogers, remind of the giants of country music.

The same road led the guitarists and singers who made Tchula the center of blues as they traveled north to achieve glory in Chicago, as did those who played here, and the same roads led them to New Orleans. Music festivals celebrate the Delta's diverse musical heritage, including several festivals in New York City and several festivals in the Gulf region. The Crawfish Music Festival, which offers a variety of blues, country, jazz, folk, rock and country music, attracts people from all over the world. They all have similar musical forms, facilitated by the Mississippi.

The city is being boosted economically by local businesses such as the Tchula Chamber of Commerce and the Mississippi Delta Economic Development Corporation.

It also highlights the achievements of the region's African-American citizens, with an emphasis on education, health care, economic development, and community engagement.

The names of the cities, towns, rivers and oxen reflect the history, culture, geography, history and culture of African Americans in Mississippi.

The landscape of the lower Mississippi Delta preserves the rich history of the Mississippi and its many rivers and coastal communities. He says misery breeds creativity and resilience, and blues is deeply rooted in the history and culture of Mississippi, its people and the people of South Mississippi and South America.

The music styles of the Delta region are diverse and here blues, Cajun music, jazz and zydeco developed. Elvis Presley, for example, who reached musical maturity in Memphis with his record "Under the Sun," brought variations of blues music into the mainstream in the mid-1950s. Faris brings 12 rural blues songs back from the delta to Africa and picks them up with a guitar style known as assouf to show how close the souls of these two worlds are.

As in Faulkner's novel, the play takes us on a literary journey through the river, and Williams visits places he has worked on in his life, such as the Mississippi, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Arkansas River.

This annual event celebrates Clarksdale's literary history with seminars, lectures and more. The blues is performed by the local blues band, the Mississippi Blue Band, as well as a variety of local and national artists.

In 1991, Biographer published a previously unreleased recording of the first album of the Mississippi Blue Band, Mississippi Blues. It will feature a new version of the Mississippi Blues with new lyrics, a new line-up and a brand new song.

The House is the first and only Mississippi Blues Festival centrally located in the festival region and the only one of its kind in America.

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